My 40 Years…

I’ve been living for the sum of 40 years now, and I’ve been learning all along; listening the past few.

Here’s what I’ve gathered:

1. Love never thinks of itself.

2. In the beginning, noone means to hurt another.

3. Most hurt is caused by self-love, and being in the way of someone else’s.

4. Smiling always pays off.  As does Kindness.

5. When you’re truly humble, you won’t even know it.

6. Noone on earth will ever fully know you.  They only have their perspective of you.

7. Relationships are hard because, to be good, they require us to get over ourselves.

8. I delight in the peace and break of the early morning.  It is my centering time with Our Father.

9. I work best at night, when other responsibilities have been cared for and laid to rest.

10. I’m most rested and sharp with 6 hours of sleep, which I rarely find. So, forgive me.

11. When I’m bothered, it’s usually because of my SELF and unchecked feelings. Not what I think is the cause.

12. It’s hard to smile sometimes, but it’s one of my favorite things to do.

13. Every age has its strengths and its pitfalls.  I am excited and thankful to be growing older.

14. Work is a blessing in so many ways.  You rob yourself if you always take the easy way.

15. If you need rest, make sure to take it.  It was even modeled for us by One who never needs it.

16. Pizza is the perfect delivery method for all food groups.

17. You never stop learning. Not for one day.  Make sure you take care what is being taught.

18. Reading good living books will impart knowledge and ideas upon a person more than any other method.

19. Words move.

20. Influence is a powerful suggestion. Be careful what mark your leaving, and what’s making its mark on you.

21. If you have eyes to see, all is connected; every one of our bubbles, every one of our paths, every footprint and ecosystem – all coming from and leading back to the One Source.

22. Hugs are a balm. Nature soothes. Laughter, good medicine.  All cure many ailments. We should give out doses freely.

23. Sacrifice is hard, but one of life’s greatest joys. Don’t miss out.

24. Every one of us has a facade that we mostly show.  And, that’ s okay.  We all just want to be accepted.

25. Every one of us is suffering, lacking, and broken.  And, that’s okay.  It unites us all in that we need help.

26. One day, I will be made whole by the One who made me to be so.  This is Hope.

27. Be gentle with everyone and everything.  There’s enough friction in life as it is.

28. It’s okay to mess up; and, we all do.  Failure teaches tenfold what being perfect ever could.

29. The Grace that is poured out on the world every day makes me tremble with awe.

30. Marriage is nothing like I grew to believe.  It is harder and messier, more sacrificial and more beautiful than I ever imagined.  (Note to self: Continue to get better at saying ‘I’m sorry’.)

31. I have been so mistaken in life thus far, because my thinking has mostly revolved around me.

32. Becoming submissive and under authority is hard for a modern person (woman), but when you know True Love, you choose to Trust and it is True Freedom.

33. Be still. Close your eyes. Breathe deep.  Know.

34. Eggs make a perfect condiment.

35. There is much ugliness, especially inward.  Have compassion.

36. Respect everyone’s journey.  You are not the Holy Spirit.

37. Children teach me so much more than I could ever teach them.

38. Life, in every stage, in every form, in every place is sacred.

39. I need so much fixing. I am not perfect.  But, I have Love.

40. There is only one Truth.  I know Him.

…a few more for the coming year, just because…

41. Looking into someone’s eyes and smiling brings my soul in contact with theirs.

42. We were not made for isolation. We need each other.

43. You should never be someone’s everything.  Everyone has a God-shaped hole you weren’t meant to fill.

44. Keep life simple.  Let distractions and noise roll off you like beads of rain.  Realize your vocation & do that well.

45. Rhythm in a day keeps instability at bay.

46. Atmosphere is the air you breathe, just as the atmosphere in your home is the environment that nurtures and gives roots to those who live there.  Work hard to protect and provide an atmosphere of peace, beauty, and belonging.

47. Our flaws and imperfections are a blessing and are good at busting pride and vanity. And that is beautiful.

48. I annoy myself quite frequently and have to laugh.  My feelings and emotions are natural, but I must be vigilant in mastering them for they can be the devil’s playthings.

49. Sometimes, when I’m on the edge of defeat, I stop and give thanks; then remind myself progress is just one step forward in a good direction.  I can do that.

50. Choose well, relying not on your own understanding.  If it’s not right or good, don’t choose it. (And, when we make a bad choice – ’cause we will, turn around and make it right.)

51. Keep a bridle on passion.

52. My two biggest fears are being found out to be a phony, and failing people.  I’m thankful to shine light on them.

53. Fears are lies that we choose to give credit to.  Nothing of worth can be taken from us if we are authentic.

54. The tribulations of life are but a fire to refine out the dross which makes us less pure. Try your best to see the good in what the hard times are teaching you.

55. We are not meant to wallow.  Reach up with your spirit and say what my 4-year old taught me, “What a beautiful day!  Thank you, God, for this beautiful day!”


May we all continue to grow & have eyes to see the Truth, the Beauty, the Goodness.

As I pray for you, pray for me, will you?


© Mo Watson 2018

All quotes my own.

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