Patriotism – 9/11 Flight 93 Memorial

I am a patriot.  It is why I joined the Corps.

I’m a patriot of a land, a soil, that I am a pilgrim in.  More so, of a nation whose principles have been blessed and given to us by God.  It is my duty to protect my sacred country against the realms of evil, from those that mean to dissolve its unity and peace.  This, so that camaraderie can be shared and used as an instrument of goodwill, and its rich soil a welcome to those who mean to enter into its fraternity.

It has been said about the 9/11 heroes of Flight 93, “they entered eternity linked” because, in the face of tyranny, they gave “all their love”. It is acts like these that send us to our knees, in grief, in amazement of the selflessness, in reverence. Here, in that Pennsylvanian field, a first response from those who came to the soil which had been laid open by and hearts buried under the rubble of fuselage was to erect a humble wooden cross. Because that’s how love and sacrifice take shape. In the laying down of one’s life.


Cross at Flight 93

*photo not mine


Similarly, I share the same patriotism toward my eternal Home that I sojourn toward; the Kingdom that eternally enlists us all in the corps of humanity.  I stand resolute to protect, defend, uplift, love, serve and glorify the Kingdom’s declaration of Truth and Love; vigilant at the gates of its fertile soil where redemption grows, knowing that some may not enter because of the same will of malevolence that sets itself against Freedom.

Flight 93, Tower of Voices

Tower of Voices *image not mine


I vow to remember those that have sacrificed self for the good of others, that stood in the place where I deserved, for salvation’s sake.  May we, like those on Flight 93 join their tone in the Tower of Voices, where “each has a unique note but all play in perfect harmony”, and while we still stand on this soil, be solemnly inspired to continue striving against that which threatens goodness, both inward and outward.

Tower of Voices


It is finished, and every heroic sacrifice that remains to happen from those who do not cower, may we remember, that the patriotism and freedom of Love is our tower and our Hope.

Tower of Voice, Flight 93, 9/11

Tower of Voices

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