Filled with Purpose

*a meditation on Chapter 1, “The Reed of God” by Caroll Houselander

I stand there, newly made, full on hope and mission, ready to be filled with my life’s experiences and relationships that will enable me to fulfill the Purpose.

I look back at Love and my eyes swell because I cannot possibly contain any more of Him than right now, and I feel about to burst onto the world all that He is through me.

So many others I see in this light divine. Each so singular and integral, unified in the Image. A collective and eternal smile that illuminates the chord that yokes.

All embody the fullness of Purpose unveiled, to be what we were created for.  All affected by this holy space within, specific in dimension and scope.

As we each depart, passing through eternal kairos, we possess confidence knowing never will we be removed from Love’s embrace. That each instance of pain, each notice of beauty will be for keeping close.

I look now through the chronos lens and incense of paradox, with unveiled vision, and my emptiness swells again with Purpose.

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