Unvarnished Truth


Being still shrouded by emotion and self-influenced desires,

Than the angels who are not plagued it’s said we are higher.

When the transcending light of Truth comes nigher,

To the lucid sight of obviousness does it then inspire.

Briefly knowing there be nothing worth attaching your will,

In worldly reality which beats into your flesh upon its anvil.

This taste of heaven expands our lungs, quiets us still;

It’s the breath of God, submerging our nothingness into Freedom fulfilled.

The unveiled, experienced touch of knowing unvarnishes, utter simplicity;

The Light so brilliant, encompassing, illuminating purpose and casting charitably.

The lot though heavy lacks burden as the atmosphere gravitates within Peace;

All is then perfected in unity, lost in completeness, forgetting about oneself entirely.


Meditations of mine from Thomas Merton’s “Seven Storey Mountain”.

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