In The Waiting

The time of preparation, proclamation,

has been laid in footsteps behind you.

You pain over the road yet left to trod;

Hit your knees,

Then plead and pour out any self residue.


Your heart has been moved, the will conformed;

Desires shed, aligned, and well-equipped.

You’re ready to accept, to reconcile, without delay;

But now, Wait,

Glory later, first, you must be stripped.


You accept this holy period, necessary to fulfillment;

Excruciating anticipation, you know what is to come.

Resurrection is at hand, to deliver all from death;

Risen Life,

But now, wait, there is much work to be done.


Showing the way with Passion, humility and such miracles;

You bear the burden that’s not your own, instead, with us, trading.

Love is not found in the taking, only in this life’s Crosses;

Suffer well,

Give thanks for the in-between, and joy you will find in the waiting.


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