“Perch Sittin’ with a Cardinal” || A Small Bird Story

So, this Cardinal knocks on our door. Nature Girl answers.  
The Cardinal says, “You got a finger? I’m in desperate need.”
Then I hear commotion amongst the littles clamoring for a peek. Nature Girl rebukes the chaos into a calming conversation.

Nature Photography, Mo Watson & ECCE Deo Studio

Seems this male Cardinal was looking for a place to perch for a while; someplace safe. He told a story of how he nearly perished in the grips of some tough-guy cat named James, who had slicked-back hair and smelled of cigarettes. Made us shiver. Made the Cardinal go quiet.

We sat still with him for a moment to let him collect himself.
Nature Girl asked him what his name was. A voice from the hallway called “Red, of course”. Giggle, giggle.  Shaking his head, the bird muttered, without a giggle, “Everywhere I go.” Then, went on to say, “Cardinalidae. It’s a family name. But, you can call me Dae for short. That’s what my friends call me.”

He didn’t stay long but did allow me some studio time with him in repayment for the hospitality. He questioned some of my infatuation with his feet, but understood the admiration of his crest.  “I get that everywhere I go,” he said. “The wife hates it, though she has one too. She thinks I’m a show-off. So, I just make sure I let her know how beautiful I think those red highlights are in her natural gray bodice.”

Nature Photography, Mo Watson & ECCE Deo Studio
Before he left, we searched the premises clear of any stray punk cats.
He thanked us again, though we really should have thanked him. Fare thee well, Dae.


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