I Spy Imagination

Mo Watson Photography & ECCE Deo Art Studio

Yo-Ho, I Spy Imagination – Image by Mo Watson


Cultivate the imagination,
Realms of creativity await. 
Open the portals of creativity,
Any suspects of boredom abate.
~ Mo Watson

A child pretending to be a pirate, playing dress-up so the imagination can be in full character. 

A wonderful sight to see in any setting.

Using my own wonder, I imagine this child may have caught wind of ships coming near the shore of her far-off island. 

Friend, foe? 

That’s what she is trying to determine through her spyglass.

She is vigilant and ever-ready, having gathered useful items from her own shipwreck to rescue and defend herself.

How will this all play out?

Well, we can imagine.


Coos Bay, Oregon, USA





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