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About Monica | Photo Quotable  They call me Mo.

We all have gifts, talents if we’d like to call them that. Mine is seeing.

I love to capture all of life with Unveiled Perspective.

And, it’s a great honor to share it with you.

Those scenes that give us pause. The laughter that springs from a happy soul.  The truth shown in personality.  The motto of one’s journey.  I get excited, thankful and thoughtful for each opportunity, and I dedicate my efforts to my muse.

Eclectic in all manners, really.  My interests range the gamut from, of course, the arts to ecology to education, words to fine cuisine.  I don’t believe I have to fit into someone else’s preconceived niche.

I truly love the gift of all people, and all our lives behold.  ECCE means a lot to me.

I’d love to get to know you.  So, let’s connect!  I’m only a message away.

Truly yours,

Mo Watson

Family Circle | Photo Quotable