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ECCE! Behold!

My artistry proclaims and is enveloped by the command to ECCE.

I work with wonder and relationship to bring about unveiled vision oftentimes using the other side of experience, the battle with self, and absolute magnanimity to chisel at neglected ideas.

Engaging an interplay of words and visuals which, in collaboration, offer forth poetry, photography, painting, digital art, drawing, short stories, my art tells of biographical encounters aiming toward apotheosis, Glory.

Providing this wonder and unveiled vision through our relationships, allows my work to add to your story, and then, conversely, much is added back to mine; a revolving gift that weaves a strong tapestry of community, unity, and fulfillment.

I have open arms to work with you in bringing about thought-provoking art to the beauty of this life.

Wanna know more?

Well, I’m also quite eclectic, really. Some of my other interests range the gamut from, of course, the arts to ecology to education, homesteading to theology to fine cuisine; and nearly everything in between.  Life is all learning.  In addition, I’m a sucker for lame jokes. I believe eggs are the perfect condiment; and, I never turn down pizza or caramels.

Importantly, I truly love the gift of all people, and all our lives behold.  That’s what ECCE means, and it means a lot to me.

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Kindly yours,

Mo Watson

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